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Hi, I’m Josie Umana! 

An expert personal assistant and professional organizer located in

Austin, Texas.


A professional organizer means understanding the importance of creating an environment that is both functional and serene. Once I step over the threshold into my client’s home or workspace, I strive to transform kitchens, offices, garages and more into spaces that are practical, effective and appealing. 


House Manager

Life can be absolutely overwhelming. From managing personal schedules and work calendars, planning events, paying bills to running errands, it’s hard to find moments in a busy week for self-care and intimate time with friends and family. As a house manager and personal assistant, I’m qualified to handle day-to-day tasks so you don’t have to worry another moment about missing a meeting, forgetting to pay the mortgage or buying a meaningful present for a loved one’s birthday. 



Austin’s real estate market is booming, which means more and more individuals and families need help ensuring a smooth transition from their former homes into their new, exciting spaces. As a professional packer, I’ll be the one to handle all of the stressful aspects of purging, organizing, packing and unpacking so your focus can remain on what’s most important.

How can I help?
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