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Hi! I’m Josie Umana, an expert personal assistant and professional organizer born and raised in Austin, Texas. It’s my ultimate passion to help make life operate more smoothly for my hardworking clients each day, allowing their focus to remain on their own primary passions and responsibilities.


As a proud member of a tight-knit family unit, I pride myself on maintaining the same amount of confidentiality and professionalism I would expect from a working guest invited into my own family home or workspace. My utmost goal is to make certain my clients, along with their family members and colleagues, feel safe and respected as I assist and organize specific elements of their lives. 


The core elements of my personality — my clients often describing me as focused, sincere and earnest — help to ensure I’m always one step ahead, predicting my clients’ needs and accomplishing important tasks before ever being prompted. 


I very much look forward to the possibility of becoming your personal assistant or professional organizer. Until then, take care and stay organized!

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