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"Josie's Organizing magic has been indispensable. It allows me to do more of what I do best, giving me more time to focus on my work, which I love. And also gives me the time to be with my son for more quality time with him." -K.L

"In keeping with a true innate gift, Josie derives joy, fulfillment, and pleasure from organizing!! And specifically she wants to help families with this to make their home and work lives better, just as she has done for us for at least 4 years. " -K.L

"We have known Josie for nearly six years now, and she has always been a constant in our life for our children and our family. Anyone looking for a nurturing, faithful, gentle, and kind caretaker would be fortunate to work with her." - K.K

"There's no one I'd trust with the embarrassing mess that is my home other than Josie. Her skills as a professional organizer are unmatched." -J.P

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